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A Kiwi project on emotional skills and wellbeing for highly rational people through workshops and coaching

The authenticity to get through to peopleThe resillience to keep getting back on trackThe courage to feel the fear and do it anyway

Is this for you?

✅ You solve every problem with your rational mind
✅ You tend to push away unpleasant feelings
✅ You feel tired and dead inside
✅ You want the ability to take care of your own or other people's feelings

About me

Software engineer and founder of MusoPipe — a startup that makes music-learning software
Guest lecturer at the University of Auckland for INFOSYS 220: Business Systems Analysis (1 week of lectures in Oct 2023)
Muay thai fighter and coach at Wimbledon Muay Thai
• Guitarist, singer-songwriter, and speaker
• Action/stunt actor at Heroes and Villains NZ
• Live in Auckland, New Zealand
To find out more about what I do, please visit my artist's portfolio.

About this project

Workshops for tech companies


I run workshops for tech companies. These workshops are currently delivered in person in Auckland, New Zealand only.I offer workshops that are fun and action-packed. This is ideal for team-building and boosting members' workplace satisfaction and team morale. I can customise them to your company's needs.I'd love to have a chat with you to create a customised solution for your team. Here are some examples of what I offer:Stress relief workshops:
• Tai Chi and Stretching
• Self-defence and Kickboxing (A short talk on self-defence and striking safety followed by hands-on practice. This can be punching the air and/or pad work.)
• Finding clarity through journaling and art therapy
Team-building workshops:
• Public speaking skills (Watch each other get challenged and grow together)
• Improv Comedy fun (Group exercises focused on making others in the group look good)
• Write your first song (prerequisite: basic knowledge of music, or willing to participate in writing lyrics)
These are fun and safe workshops where people work in pairs and groups. Please get in touch for a quote.

Coaching packages

Coaching / mentoring

I'd love to learn all about your situation, give you a fresh eye, and help you feel excited about your visions again. I'm not a mental health professional, but I can be a good friend and share from experiences. I'm especially passionate about helping females become their own heroes.I can help you with the following topics:✅ Thriving under pressure: high-stake conversations and presentations
✅ Coping with burnouts
✅ Building courage and confidence for people who love to be careful
✅ Making actionable and sustainable plans
✅ High-performance mindset: managing your focus and effort
All prices listed below are in NZD, GST inclusive.Coaching is available in person in Auckland or online at a casual rate of $150 per hour. Package deals are available.Send me a message about your situation and wishes for a free, no-obligation chat.

Package deals

Intro special (new clients only):
3 * 45 mins sessions for $300
The strong and healthy for busy people package:
$300 : 2 * 1 hour sessions + 1 * 30 mins follow up session
We'll have a good chat about your current lifestyle choices, create plans that you'd enjoy so much that a healthier lifestyle doesn't take willpower to sustain.
The silver linings package:
$300 : 2 * 1 hour sessions + 1 * 30 mins follow up session
As an entrepreneur, I have a specialty of getting excited about and magifying any little positive signs. Let's have a look for the silver linings and make some plans.

The weekend retreat: $3000 or $5000 for the deluxe version
2 days of wholesome activities and chats with Amy as your bestfriend and cheerleader, making sure you feel relaxed and cared for. What's said in this retreat stays in this retreet. All thoughts and feelings are valid here. Be free.
Availble from late Sep, currently limited to female clients only. Free coffee chat prior to the confirmation for a compatibility check.

What can you do with this power?

As you learn to handle emotions, you will find yourself no longer held back by unpleasant feelings – you can choose to take action when it seems reasonable. Over time, you start to embrace and make use of the energy in these feelings. As you become more confident and free, a few things become easier for you:• Express what matters to you the most.
• Give yourself the rest and care that you really need.
• Trust your inspirations and plans.
• Present yourself confidently.
• Speak up for yourself and others.
• Make sincere apologies and mend relationships.
• Take the lead or be a champion.
• Have brave conversations and present new possibilities.
• Connect more deeply with yourself and others.
• Say no. Set boundaries.
• Ask for what you want and for help.
• Deal with failures and mistakes.
• Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.
• Stand for what you believe in.

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Interested in the workshops, coaching or want to make a special arrangement? Feel free to drop me a message here :)

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